The internet can be a scary place. Twitter in particular, as anyone has license to create and get anything trending. We have noticed some very disturbing trending hashtags in the past few weeks. Here at DLG Media, we are huge advocates of diversity. We also pride ourselves to be a positive platform where we elevate the voices of Multicultural America. On the other hand, it is also our responsibility to inform our audience of the reality of the world. We can’t change what we don’t know. To that hand, we selected 10 Trending Hashtags That Should Not Exist, so that you can be informed and know how to counter them.

Be prepared for some serious “eye rolling” workout. Your eyebrow game is about to get strong AF.












There’s something you can do stop the propaganda of bigotry and hate.

DON’T: fuel those trending hashtags. Never ever ever use them. These movements do not deserve further exposure. If you want to interact, react or express yourself to someone who support those, reply to them but do not use the tag. Pouring kerosene on a fire never goes a long way.

DO:  make an effort support positive trends. Celebrate movements of kindness, compassion, inclusion. Support causes that resonate with you and that encourage social good or improve the lives of discriminated communities.