Dear NBA enthusiasts and Knicks fans, Here’s my thought of the day Kristaps Porzingis deserves to be in the All-Star game and here are five reasons why.


Kristaps Porzingis realized he had a lot of work ahead of him after a successful rookie season last year. He needed to prove that he wasn’t a one hit wonder. His game did the talking. From powerful dunks, smooth jump shots to his impressive defensive presence, he continues to impress. He is doing it all in front of New York City fans every night. He’s a fan favorite and keeps earning the praise from his teammates and other superstars in the NBA. He understands how hungry Knicks fans are for a winning basketball team. He loves the spotlight and has stepped up big time alongside fellow Knick superstar Carmelo Anthony. He’s one of the main reasons the Knicks are back in the hunt for playoff spot after four seasons of losing.



Porzingis has improved his overall game this season and looks more polished. The 21 year old is averaging 20 points per game along with 7.7 rebounds. His three point percentage is way up from last year and is currently among the league’s best. He’s shooting an impressive 40.3% from 3 point range. Not bad considering he’s a 7 ft 3” forward in only his second year in the NBA. He’s already on pace this season to make the most three point shots by a player over 7 feet tall. That would be amazing considering that would be more than the great Dirk Nowitzki has ever made in any one of his 18+ seasons in the NBA. That’s just crazy good.

5 Reasons Why Kristaps Porzingis Deserves to be in the All-Star game



Usually rookies drop off during their sophomore season. Not Porzingis. He came into the season with higher expectations because of his great rookie campaign in 2015-2016. The rest of the league would not be caught off guard. He worked out hard this past off season and it has paid off. He is stronger and not being pushed around as much by bulkier NBA forwards and centers. He is seeing the floor better and making the right basketball plays when he has to. Opposing NBA coaches call for double teams when he has the ball, another sign he is feared for the damage he can do.

5 Reasons Why Kristaps Porzingis Deserves to be in the All-Star game



The All-Star game needs him there, a game for the fans to enjoy while watching the best players in the world going at it for 48 minutes. The fans deserve one of the most unique and talented players in the world to be in this game. NBA superstar Kevin Durant was absolutely right when he called Porzingis a basketball unicorn after he was asked for his opinion of him before playing against the Knicks last year. His combination of size and skill make him standout. He does things on the court that you haven’t seen a player of his size make. It’s incredible to watch. He should be an All-star because he is among the very best in the world.

5 Reasons Why Kristaps Porzingis Deserves to be in the All-Star game



Knicks fans will have his back come all-star voting time, no doubt about it. Fans around the world will also will have a lot to say about it. It’s not easy to get voted in because there are so many stars in the Eastern Conference, but not a lot of players can do what Porzingis does. He deserves to be among the stars of the game. He belongs not only in this upcoming all-star game but for many more to come.

I’ll take you back to the NBA draft back in 2014 when the Knicks picked the relatively unknown 20 year old player from Latvia .The Knicks entered that night clearly needing a top prospect that would be a player to build around for the future. When Kristaps was selected 4th overall, the fans booed like you have no idea. I was there and even I booed! No one knew him but no one really cared because he was an unknown. The fans and media alike thought the Knicks wasted a great chance to draft a good player.

We were all wrong about the kid.

The Knicks franchise and its fans were in for a huge surprise when Porzingis finally started playing against real NBA competition last year. His work ethic and most importantly his skillset is what set him apart from the rest of the rookie class. He took New York and the rest of the NBA by storm .He won the Eastern Conference Rookie of the month award for his first three months in the league. He became a must watch player for basketball fans, a new hero for Knicks fans.