I’ve been fascinated with the Blk Projek since I heard Tanya Fields speak at the Not Just Talk Summit some years ago. Ok, truthfully I’ve been fascinated with Tanya Fields more than anything. I found her again when I looking for women to feature in our kick-ass women of color list earlier this year.

When I heard Tanya Fields speak, I was struck by her passion for food justice and for improving the lives of black women and her community in the Bronx.

When I reconnected with Tanya via social media I started following her most recent project, the Libertad Urban Farm in the Bronx. I found her project fascinating for a few reasons: first, I’m obsessed with urban farms and the ability of growing food in the confines of the five suburbs. After working with a nonprofit on a urban farm in a classroom project a year ago in Brooklyn, I am fascinated with the concept. I also believe that urban farms empower communities (especially low-income and underserved communities where healthy food is not accessible) and I immediately saw what Tanya is doing in the Bronx as a way to empower communities. I have always been a fan of supporting the work of women who work to improve their communities and this project is definitely one to keep an eye on for. Not only that, but having gone to college in the Bronx, the borough has a special place in my heart. It is a borough that has enormous potential and yet is so often overlooked and dismissed.


Dig. Plant. Grow. That’s the Blk Projek’s tag line:

We DIG deeper to highlight the intersections of race, class and gender that create conditions where there is food injustice and make plain that food inaccessibility is a symptom of a larger disease – economic exclusion.

We PLANT not only seeds in the Earth but in the people of the community using our programming as a platform to introduce radical language, encourage civic engagement and conduct popular education.

We GROW not only organic produce but healthy young Black women through mentorship, paid internships and real life experience. We also using our platform to empower women and their children and raise the collective self-esteem of the communities that we serve.

A few weeks ago, Tanya announced a day of service to get the Libertad Urban Farm up and running. A few days ago, someone vandalized the farm, and stole tools, vegetables and basically everything you can think of—devastating Tanya and the community that had worked so hard to get Libertad up and running.The Blk Projek and the Libertad Urban Farm need the community’s help to rebuild, and to continue their work in the Bronx! There are many ways you can help!

Spread the word.

Buy mugs.

Buy hot sauce, made from these babies grown in the Boogie Down Bronx:

Peppers we salvaged for @bronxhotsauce project. A very small victory. #libertadurbanfarm #libertadrebuild

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To find out more about how you can support the Blk Projek, the rebuilding of Libertad Urban Farm and food justice in the Bronx, check out the Blk Projek’s website.

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