15 Multicultural Travel Bloggers To Follow

You have spoken and it turns out YOU LOVE travel, and you LOVE that we’ve highlighted multicultural travel bloggers. After our first roundup of multicultural travel bloggers earlier this year, we received a lot of feedback of people we had missed– so we are doing it again! Here are more fabulous, globe-trotting travel bloggers who should definitely be on your radar: 15 Multicultural Travel Bloggers to follow, part deux 😉


Bethany has been traveling since she was 17- when she did a two year gap year and traveled around the world. She is currently a college student and works as a social media strategist, and also at Vayner Media, in short she’s a rockstar. She loves to travel and blog about afternoon tea around the world!


Tracey Coleman is a witty storyteller from Brooklyn with an unhealthy obsession with food and an even bigger appetite for travel. Nominated in 2011 for Best Travel Blog, her writing has been featured on Ebony, Travel Noire, Parlour, and Clutch Magazine.


It’s All Bee is a blog created by Bianca, known as Bee or Bia. She was born in Lusaka, Zambia in Central Africa and lives in London. Bee wants to inspire you to travel in affordable luxury: to see the world comfortably without breaking the bank!


As a young girl, Kellee Edwards began traveling as a child, while traking road trips with her parents. Traveling became her passion and now she travels internationally. She has become a pilot, a scuba diver, and the ultimate adrenaline junkie.


Robin is a 30-something living in NYC, working full-time but passionate about travel, so she gets away whenever she can. Her blog caters to people like her— those that are limited by their 9-5 schedules and the little vacation time we have here in the USA. Having a 9-5 doesn’t stop Robin from visiting cool places like Peru, Capri, Shanghai and Amsterdam!


Erick Prince has a mission: to be the first African American who has visited every country on the planet! He has 90 down! Erick has a real gift for photography– the portraits he has taken while he travels shows the essence of the person being photographed.

Check out Erick’s great post on Traveling while Black:  11 Questions I Get Asked About Traveling While Black (like I have a Choice)


Jeannie Mark had a corporate career and she decided to quit one day, sell all her possessions and buy a one way ticket to India.

The #cobblestone streets of #Casco #Viejo don’t disappoint. #travel #Panama

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Trisha is a Filipina who caught the travel bug when she was studying in Italy. She decided to travel around the world. Trisha volunteers in order to get room abd board, but more importantly, she says, “to learn how to eat, cook, speak and live like a local.”

She wants to inspire other women to travel, and her blog has a very cool section called “Dear Girls of the World” where other female bloggers write letters to travelers. She also has a great section called “Dear Ma: The Series.”


Shut Up and Go is the brain child of Damon and Jo, two 20-somethings that met in college and realized they loved the same things: exploring new places, languages and traveling.  Most recently, you can catch them on TV on an awesome AT&T commercial!

🎶”I just want you to know that you are reeeeealllyyy speciaaallll, oh I, OH I”🎶

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Edna is a Pennsylvania native who left home at 18 to work her way around the world. She’s lived and worked in Paris, Italy, Singapore, and China (twice!), while traveling to up to 20 countries every year. She caught the travel bug when she was 18 and spent her sophomore / junior year of university on a gap year in China.


Fran is a Chilean blogger behind La Vida Nómade, which is a bilingual blog: La Vida Nómade in Spanish, and Nomad Life in English. She caught the travel bug when she went backpacking in Costa Rica. Later she worked on a cruise ship and the rest is history.

In 2016 she sold her belongings and really dedicated herself to “the nomad life.” She now considers herself a full-time traveler and her mission is to show everyone traveling around the world is possible.


Maria Alexandra describes herself as “A world citizen, Puerto Rican at heart, carrier of an American passport. A passionate translator and writer, sprinkling Latin spice around the world!”


Will Castillo is a travel blogger, soccer aficionado and gastronaut who resides in Toronto. He founded I Will Travel in 2013. He’s received numerous awards for his blog and his Instagram highlights all beautiful things Toronto. 


The creator of Spirited Pursuit, Lee Litumbe, describes herself as “a Cameroonian by birth, an American by upbringing, and a Nomad at heart.” Spirited Pursuit is a place where she shares her own travel adventures, but also those of local experts. her goal is to “provide a platform for others to share their individual perspectives, these stories focus on each person’s first hand perception of cultures and destinations throughout the world.”


Karla is a professional translator and foreign languages teacher who has lived in six different countries. She created her blog in 2011 to keep her family informed of her adventures while living in Korea. Today her blog is read in 185 countries in the world.

Summer afternoon— To me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language. – Henry James #Laurentians #quebecoriginal

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We’re always on the look out for more awesome bloggers to feature, let us know who we missed!