For months now I have been thinking and telling people that NYCFC was very much a New York team. They would flash moments of brilliance, give hope and then fizzle out in the end, showing us all that it was just a facade and underneath it lay a shaky foundation.

The Knicks, the Mets, the Jets… NYCFC.
Through all the frustration I felt, all the points we dropped in injury time, all the counter attack goals that made our defense look like amateurs… We knew one day we would hit our stride. We would break the mold of typical New York franchises (Yankees excluded)!
I’m not saying that day is here. Four straight wins do not equal a championship, nor does it mean we have all our problems figured out. We are still only a season and a half in. We still have holes, we have just adjusted to minimize the exposure while we continue to grow as a team.
But there are reasons to our new success and I believe these are the reasons:


He embodies New York hustle. The man I have lovingly dubbed Tommy Taters plays like a bat out of hell, lugging himself all over the field he constantly finds himself in just the right spot at just the right time and he has scored a couple of golazos this season.


il maestro moves around the pitch like a matador, circling his left foot as if it was a muleta. Every time I sit in my seats at Yankee stadium and I watch Pirlo finesse his way around the midfield making opposing players look silly I say to my friends “look at him, he could play until he’s 50, he barely moves and everyone misses”. Pirlo is like the Yoda of football. Timeless and a cut above the rest.

NYCFC - Andrea Pirlo



If I told you I knew who RJ Allen was before the season I would be lying. I had no clue. But I’ve gotten to watch him very closely running down the sidelines at home games, his confidence and physical play setting the tone for this newfound level of defense.


But the biggest surprise and I believe the biggest reason we are meshing so well right now is the addition of Jack Harrison to the starting lineup. I know I said earlier in the season that I did not know who this kid was or how well he would play, but he has been continuously impressive since they inserted him in the lineup. What’s more is the budding relationship between Harrison and David Villa.
Villa seems to have taken the younger Harrison under his wing and they have teamed up for some very nice plays the past couple of weeks. It’s good to see Villa’s confidence in someone other than himself, as too often last season, as well as earlier this season, he would force difficult shots trying to make something happen out of nowhere, anguish in his eyes as he did all he could to will his team to a win. With Harrison, Villa’s load has been lightened.
NYCFC - Team Celebration
Of course we also have the real arrival of Frank Lampard and the absence of Mix Diskerud which can both only be positives after watching Frank sit on the bench and Mix mishandle the ball in the midfield for an entire season.
Four straight wins does not equal a championship, but right now it does equal top of the table and if you think NY fans love their teams even when they are losing, you can’t imagine how we feel when we are actually winning.
See you at the stadium.