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DLG Media Inc. is a media company and marketing agency that serves and connects with multicultural America. Our editorial content aims to entertain, to educate and to resonate with the cultural diversity of the millennial generation. We create stories ranging from multicultural entertainment, to sports, food and business. Our marketing agency arm creates strategies that pair food, wine, lifestyle brands with multicultural audiences. Learn more about our agency capabilities here.

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DLG Media Inc. was born in and is operated out of multicultural Astoria, in Queens. We are proud urban New Yorkers with roots in Europe and Latin America.

We are media junkies and we love to share on social media and engage with our audience.

We are multilingual and have a deep appreciation for foreign languages. We speak English. Hablamos español.  Nous parlons français.

We are also fluent in emojis👌and proficient in GIFs 😉

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Being culturally relevant is our number one priority. We take cultural competence seriously and we truly believe that our ability to respect, to connect, and to empathize with different communities is what makes us unique. Our goal is to create a multicultural lifestyle destination that celebrates cultural diversity and respect all communities. We are strong believers of the benefits of kindness and multiculturalism on individuals and on the society as a whole. Be kind.

Be Kind - Philosophy of DLG Media - Multicultural America


At DLG Media, we do not believe in negative reviews: we are not a “thumb down” kind of publication. When reviewing a product or a service, we won’t say anything at all if we do not have anything “nice” to say. We’d rather promote what we like and celebrate what we believe in, instead of bashing what does not resonate with us. There’s enough negativity on the internet, and we do not want to contribute to any of it. The truth of the matter is, at the end of the day, quality always speaks for itself: the cream always rises to the 🔝.