One of the greatest things about living in a country that has so much diversity is the ability to eat foods from all over the world. Thanks to the internet we have access to culinary ideas from all over the world right at our fingertips. We can search for recipes, order ingredients from different places and learn how to make food thanks to amazing food bloggers that share beautiful blog posts and how-to videos.

Through this site our goal is to celebrate that diversity – so we wanted to highlight some of the best multicultural food bloggers out there.


Melissa Bailey is from Dominican Republic and lives in upstate NY with her family. Melissa says the kitchen is her favorite room in the whole house. She is an amazing recipe creator, her imagination leads her to create pairings like sweet plantain wrapped in prosciutto or enchilada burgers (can you say bicultural?) Her recipes warm the heart and are perfect for entertaining. Through her blog Hungry Food Love she hopes to bring awareness to hunger issues in her homeland.

Check out this amazing chicken enchilada meatballs recipe!


Amanda Mouttaki is from the Midwest and is married to a Moroccan. She lives in Marrakesh with her family where she and her husband run Marrakech Food Tours a food tour that will help you can experience food in Marrakesh like a local! Her blog is not only about recipes—it’s also about travel and expat living.

Check out her gluten-free Ghriba recipe here.



Aunt Clara’s Kitchen is written Aunt Clara, who is Dominican and is married to a Danish, and Aunt Ilana, from Gibraltar. They both live in the Dominican Republic. Their site is a celebration of Dominican cooking. “We believe that our cuisine is rich, and that it ought to be promoted as healthy, varied and a reflection of our culture.”

Aunt Clara’s Kitchen has a delicious and impressive array of food— everything you can think of from appetizers, to party dishes, main courses and more!

Check out this great idea for Mangú Plaintain Breakfast Bites

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Joan Chen, a Chinese American actress and film producer and her daughter, Angela Hui, a published writer of poems and short stories, have come together to create delicious dishes based on healthy and simple ways to prepare food. They declare they are “not food experts, nor are we professional cooks, but we are passionate beginners and curious outsiders.” I particularly love the way the talk about recipes and cooking, sharing their experiences and feelings about cooking and food, like this insight: “Cooking is universal; it makes you feel at home wherever you are.” Joan also discusses what her life was like in China and what her journey in America has been like.

Check out this mouthwatering recipe: Spicy Chen Pi Beef.


Born in Costa Rica, Adriana Kroller grew up in Guam and she currently lives in Germany with her husband and daughter in a 1250 year old farming village on the foothills of the German Alps. Her recipes include everything from appetizers to cocktails and desserts. Her food photography is beautiful.

Check out this delicious dessert Honey Vanilla Cheesecake with an Almond Crust Changing-Plate



Layla Pujol was born in Ecuador, lives in Seattle and her husband is French. She says her love of food goes beyond Ecuador and Latin America, and was influenced by her mom’s spicy New Mexican cooking and her grandmother’s Southwestern and Texas style BBQ (talk about multicultural!) Layla’s recipes can be found in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. She will soon be releasing a cookbook of Ecuadorian dishes.

Check out her Baked Sweet Plantain with Cheese recipeLaylita-baked-plantains



Sisters Vicky and Ruth now live on the East Coast but they have quite a background—they were born and raised in Barcelona, Spain to Lebanese-Jewish parents. It’s that diverse background that influences their recipes. They call their recipes “Seasonal, vegetarian & vegan recipes with a healthy ethnic twist.”

Check out this great comfort food, perfect for the cold weather: Vegetarian French Onion Soup


Tara lives in Northern Virginia with her Filipino husband and her two kids. She loves food from all over the world and has an interesting background: she was born in Japan, moved to German at a year old, moved to the US and spent most of her childhood in Montgomery, Alabama. Tara shares fresh, family friendly recipes from around the world.

Check out one of her favorite recipes: Bun Thit Nuong Vietnamese Grilled Pork with Rice Noodles



Heidi Leon Monges is a journey through food, travel and photography. Heidi is a Mexican creative photojournalist currently living in France with her husband who is a pastry chef. Heidi’s recipes and food photography are absolutely stunning.

Check out this scrumptious recipe Sinaloa Style Tuna Tostadas

Tuna Tostada



Jehan is from Guyana where the cuisine is “a mixture of Indian, Caribbean, English, Chinese and African foods.” She has great multicultural recipes like Red, White and Bruschetta (how clever!) and Take out at home: Roast Chinese Chicken. Jehan says “Roti and Curry is my soul food.”

Check out her delicious salmon croquettes.

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Let’s chat! Who are your favorite multicultural food bloggers? Share with us below!