I have a personal obsession with well-dressed black men especially with beards. I often find myself pausing to stare at an Instagram post in awe as I think to myself, THAT is the black man I know.

Too often I find the media, Google search engines and the uneducated form pre-judged opinions on the character of a black man based off outer appearance. If I feel this way as a black woman imagine being in the shoes of a black man fighting to go against negative stereotypes in everyday life. This is where Bearded Dapper Gents (“BDG”) comes in swinging the pendulum in the right direction.

The Bearded Dapper Gents (“BDG”) is a collective group of well dressed men formed to change the way black men are viewed in the eye of the public through imageryCollectively, we are attempting to change the public’s perception of black men by way of sharing images that exhibit black men in a positive light showcasing our unity, our support of each other as well as patronizing our local black-owned establishments.”


Among the BDG blogger George Marie created an initiative called “A Brother’s Duty” along with support from his band of brothers Collis, Nestle, Pythagore, Darrell and Percy.

The Bearded Dapper Gents

Picture clockwise: George (Photo credit Photo by Collis), Collis ( Photo credit Nestle), Nestle,Pythagore, Darrell and Percy (Photo credit Photo by Collis)

A Brother’s Duty’s mission is in its name, their goal is to empower and support young black men. The young men experience a day of mentoring and being outfitted in a tailored suit with transportation and lunch provided. When all the tailoring is complete the young man will be captured in photographs with his mentors involved in the process.

Bearded Dapper Gents with Young Man

A young man who was outfitted for his prom this past summer

This is just the beginning of amazing things to come with A Brother’s Duty. Currently they work with 3 nonprofits Pens of Power , Foster Care Unplugged and 100 Suits for 100 Men who source the young men for the day. Companies and public supporters are certainly welcomed to show support donating to the cause online at https://www.gofundme.com/BrothersDuty.

This weekend July 30th you can also support by attending their fundraiser in Manhattan, NY. Keep up to date with The Bearded Dapper Gents on Instagram where you can also see post about their events and updates on A Brother’s Duty.

I applaud these men on a wonderful cause and I am excited to see greatness unfold.