Every year Crain’s NY picks 40 of the brightest and most successful individuals in business in New York City. I’ve kept a close eye on this list since coming back from Europe, it’s a great list to see who the movers, shakers and rising stars in New York City are. In the past, I’ve been shocked at the lack of diversity, so I was pleasantly surprised to see this year’s list: more diverse than ever and an ALMOST 50/50 gender split: 21 men to 19 women! I really wish the list would have been an even gender split, but I will take what I can get… I also wish there were more Hispanics on the list.

In order to keep shining a light on the talented individuals in multicultural America, we need to keep an eye out for opportunities like this, and not be afraid to submit nominations to these “general market” publications. It’s great that we are highlighting the work of our communities among ourselves, but we  need to branch out and make our voices and talent heard everywhere!

So keep a look out for the nominations period in October, and start thinking of what amazing individuals you want to nominate! For more info on their nominations process click here.

One of this year’s honorees includes one of my favorite people in NYC government, Nisha Agarwal, the Comissioner of the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs.

Nisha is the daughter of Indian immigrants. She works to end prejudice against immigrants in NYC and led the launch of IDNYC, the country’s largest municipal identification program, designed to make it easier for undocumented immigrants to access public services and brilliantly- the card also offers free entrance to many museums in NYC, making it appealing to all residents in the city (over 700,000 people have signed up!).

To check out the complete list, Click here: Crains New York 2016 40 Under 40