If you have missed the award winning United Shades of America with W. Kamau Bell- you’re missing out! Kamau sets out to explore the  nuances of racial relationships in the United States with a touch of comedic relief.  He does so in many ways- and no doubt doing things that are way past his comfort zone: how many black men do you know  who would voluntarily go to meet with the KKK?

He spent some time in interesting situations (to say the least) that bring light to the way things are in the increasingly diverse United States. He does that using his comedic chops but of course, also gets serious when needed.

In the last two seasons, Kamau has talked to KKK members, to prisoners, Muslims, gang members, people in Appalachia, coal miners…  This season, Kama is starting this season by going to the border to see what’s up with the wall, and how people on all sides feel about it.

W. Kamau Bell - United Shades of America

Photo credit: John Nowak – CNN

I give Kamau props (in case you don’t know, I’m a huge fan) for getting out there and trying to put human faces and the human experience to these issues that we sometimes only think about as big headlines “racism” “mass incarceration”  or “The Wall.” He goes to talk to people, to talk about how this impacts people on a daily basis. He handles difficult topics with grace, and patience and even though he may disagree, he adds comedic relief to a difficult, sometimes awful situation. And he doesn’t lose his cool. Even in front of a cross burning.

I mean seriously, doesn’t he get the “most courageous comedian of all time award”?

I think so.

Don’t miss W. Kamau Bell in United Shades of America– go binge watch before Sunday’s third season premier!

Photo credits: CNN