I attended BlogHer Creators Summit for the first time in NYC last week. One of the things I loved was watching the multicultural mix: there were ladies of all backgrounds at the event! Another thing that stuck out was the beautiful natural hair that I saw everywhere. I wanted to go deeper and highlight these goddesses who were rockin’ their curly hair at BlogHer, so I chatted with a few of them. Here’s what they had to say.

Ada, NYC

Curly Hair at Blogher18
Ada is a phenomenal social media influencer and blogger behind All Things Ada. Last year she rocked it out on her Rizos on the Road tour in partnership with Kia. If you don’t know this Dominican beauty, you should, as she is going places. (Tell her we told you).
Ada says she didn’t have an AHA moment, because “I’ve been natural my whole life- I damaged my hair for three year during college, but then transitioned back.”
What she loves the most about her hair: “The versatility of it- curly one day and straight the next- love my hair both ways.”
Fave product: Her leave in conditioner- Honey baby natural hair gel (a Latina owned company).

Dijon, Maryland

curly hair at Blogher18
What she loves most about her hair: “I feel like it’s me. The convenience of it and the control I love my hair- and I think it’s beautiful.”
Dijon says, “I’m proud of my hair! It wasn’t always likely that and I think it is a beautiful thing for our community.”
Her favorite hair product: Cantu. Curling cream


Hannah, NY

Hannah works with the Text Crisis Hotline. She was rocking her beautiful hair and smokin red outfit and her beautiful earrings. But her best asset? Her smile.
Hannah’s AHA moment: “In HS I was getting ready to go to college and I was worried about finding a place to do my hair and I had a lot of hair damage. Relaxer for 9 years my scalp. I would bleed and had severe dandruff. I decided I was sick of it so I cut it all off.”
What she loves about her hair: “I love how low maintenance it is. I shower, shampoo and conditioner and go. I would rather spend time on make up jewelry or clothes.”
Her fave product:  Whipped olive oil shampoo and conditioner, from CVS

Julie Lorraine

Julie Lorraine-StayPrettySis

Julie Lorraine is the founder of #StayPrettySis which she says is “more than just a beauty blog, its a movement.” Her mission is “to remind women of the facets of staying pretty within the body and the soul.”
Her AHA moment: “I never knew what my natural texture look like so I was curious to see what it was because it was always hidden- been natural on and off for about 15 years.”
What she loves about her hair: “The volume of it, it is stronger, it grows faster, when it isn’t touched by relaxer. I love my curls. Each one is different. It has personality.”
Her Favorite hair productShea Moisture- leave in conditioner.
You can connect with Julie online: @stayprettysis on IG and Twitter.

Laura, North Carolina

Laura has a great blog called Lady Laura Co.
Her AHA moment: “I didn’t have an AHA moment, but I did get to a point where I just felt a level of love an administraon for my natural hair. I didn’t start loving my natural hair until brands starting making products for my hair. Becoming more knowledgeable about the products I needed made me fall in love with my natural curls.
What Laura loves about her hair: “I love that it’s big and kind of has a life of its own, It is something that comes from my roots, my body. I’m always amaze by peopel’s reaction and the many things I can do with it. “
Laura’s fave product: Shea moisture Curly hair smoothie

Leneika, Trinidad and Tobago

Leneika came to BlogHer all the way from Trinidad and Tobago! When I approached her because she had awesome hair, I didn’t know she works in the cosmetology space. Check her out on LeneikaCos.com.
Her AHA moment:  “First time when I left my corporate job I realized that in that space natural hair wasn’t encouraged – I decided to cut off my hair and start off natural. I’ve been natural ever since- going on six years.”
What she loves about her natural hair: I like my texture- it is different and unique from 4c type hair– I have three different textures. I like to leave it out in a fro- that’s my go-to style. I can rock that any way. Rain sun, my fro never fails me.”
You can follow Leneika’s work on leneikacos.com and on Twitter: @leneikacos

RaVal, NY

RaVal Davis was a panelist on the True Beauty panel. She is an actress who credits OITNB to showing her all body types belong onscreen, a realization that allowed her to pursue acting full-time. You can check out more of her story on her website.
RaVal’s AHA moment: The first time I went natural was my freshman year in college. I wanted to change something, I was a grown woman at that time- experiencing womanhood in a different way so I wanted to be more of who I truly was- I cut my hair (now called a “big chop”), all the relaxed hair, and that was first time I wore it natural (in a fro). I was becoming who I am now.”
What she loves most about her natural hair: “I feel like it’s me. When I look in the mirror I see me, I know who she is, when I have other hair it isn’t me- this an expression of who I am.
RaVal’s favorite product– anything Shea Moisture. “I trust it.”

You can follow RaVal on social media: @RavalDavis on IG, and Twitter.

Shannon, NYC

Shannon works at the Crisis Text Hotline.
Shannon shares her perspective about natural hair in the Black community: “There is a texturism – thing in Black community – your natural hair is only pretty if it is a specific texture- took me a while to be confident with my hair and really love it.”
What she loves about her hair: “Now I love the versatility of my natural hair. I stand out.”
Her fave products: “I try many things and try to support black-owned products. I like Shea Moisture and Curls.”


Share with us! Do you rock here curly and natural hair? What was your AHA moment? Why do you love to rock your curly hair?