This is an Open Letter To Donald Trump And Trump Apologists.

Dear Donald Trump and Trump apologists,

It took me two days to recover from your victory. Not one. Two. It felt like a punch in the stomach not to say something else, I want to remain civil. You are not good news to me and to many people in the world that have respect for human life.

You are an anomaly. The product of mainstream media on steroids fueled by the despair of millions of hard working Americans. You built your campaign on the idea of hating and blaming the foreigner, the immigrant, the brown, the Latino, the Muslim. You turned Americans against each other. You taught America that they have to fear their own neighbors. You empowered and are empowering a silent yet atrociously huge portion of the country that is racist. You denigrated women in the worse possible ways. Multiple times. And despite all of this, you won. Congratulations. I respect the result of the election.

But I have no respect for you. You will not get a clean slate from me. And you will have no unity for now. Why are you so surprised? You spread fear and bigotry for the past 18 months on national television. It was so bad that I had to explain to my son that your conduct is not acceptable; you are a bully. And you are a bully. Now you have people protesting because they are upset. Because they are scared and because they think you are going to hurt them and separate their families. What did you expect?

We showed America the silent majority is no longer silent. Today, we created an America that WINS again. Today, we made our hopes, our dreams – our limitless potential – a reality. Today, we made history. Today, we created a government that is once again of, by and for the people.

For many of us, your victory also means the defeat of empathy, compassion and respect.

You do not represent progress. As Michael Moore eloquently put it in “Trumpland,” you represent the last scream of the dying dinosaur. People will look back on history and say that you were the last generation of humans that did it completely wrong. People that are very close to my heart are scared today. They are scared for their future. They are scared for their loved ones. I promise you that you will be fought and challenged like never before if you dare to take our liberties away.

We will not let you go backward on:

  • Climate Change
  • Equal Pay
  • Gender Inequality
  • Reproductive Rights
  • Foreign Policies
  • Gun Control
  • Mass Incarceration
  • Deportations
  • Money in politics


And now specifically for the Trump apologists, Trump voters, and namely the roughly 30% of Latinos and other American of immigrant background that voted for him, I encourage you to take a look at “the” Donald 10 point plan. I paste it after the letter for you. If it does not want to make you want to vomit then you have some serious soul searching to do. In the meantime, let us mourn. Grievance is necessary and will be long. Let us protest, and have the decency to do it in peace. But please know that you have just awakened a giant. It’s called America. And you must believe that you will find no victim on your path. At least not over here.

If you want any kind of unity dear Donald, start by simply apologizing to all of the communities that you have hurt. Tell them that you won’t hurt them, that you won’t break their families apart. Tell them that this was all a game to rise to power. Oh and of course you are #NotMYPresident. Going from President Obama to you is a shame that the United States will have to carry. But I won’t.


Ludo Gabriele

Just another dad from New York



1. Begin working on an impenetrable physical wall on the southern border, on day one. Mexico will pay for the wall.

2. End catch-and-release. Under a Trump administration, anyone who illegally crosses the border will be detained until they are removed out of our country.

3. Move criminal aliens out day one, in joint operations with local, state, and federal law enforcement. We will terminate the Obama administration’s deadly, non-enforcement policies that allow thousands of criminal aliens to freely roam our streets.

4. End sanctuary cities.

5. Immediately terminate President Obama’s two illegal executive amnesties. All immigration laws will be enforced – we will triple the number of ICE agents. Anyone who enters the U.S. illegally is subject to deportation. That is what it means to have laws and to have a country.

6. Suspend the issuance of visas to any place where adequate screening cannot occur, until proven and effective vetting mechanisms can be put into place.

7. Ensure that other countries take their people back when we order them deported.

8. Ensure that a biometric entry-exit visa tracking system is fully implemented at all land, air, and sea ports.

9. Turn off the jobs and benefits magnet. Many immigrants come to the U.S. illegally in search of jobs, even though federal law prohibits the employment of illegal immigrants.

10. Reform legal immigration to serve the best interests of America and its workers, keeping immigration levels within historic norms.