It happened. The moment every fan and then some had been waiting for. Wisin and Yandel reunited and it felt so good. It all happened a couple of weeks ago at Zion & Lennox’s concert in Puerto Rico. Earlier in the day, Yandel had posted on social media that he was in Puerto Rico so it was pretty much a given he’d be at the concert as a special guest. What no one expected was for him and Wisin to hit the stage together and sing as a duo. When it happened, the fans and public in general went crazy because it’s been a while since we’ve seen that.

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Wisin and Yandel were at the height of their career and a force to be reckoned with when they decided to take a break from each other to work on their individual projects. Many people believed the split was due to them not getting along or being completely mad at each other, but that wasn’t the case. Having worked with them for many years, I can tell you that the reason for the split was a simple one. They each wanted to do their own thing but couldn’t because as a duo, they had to do everything together. Another reason for the split was because they had literally done everything they could in their career. They had worked with some of the best artists in both English and Spanish, they had worked with the best of the best, they had launched their own clothing line as well as teamed up with Windows for their own version of the Zune (remember those), they had experimented with different rhythms and had created their own winning formula. They had really done so much that at that moment in their career, there was nothing left to do to bring something new to the fans. Hence, they made the decision to take a break. Them getting back together was always a possibility though. There’s a reason why they both signed with Sony Music Latin: to make it easier for them to collaborate whenever that time came. During their break, both Wisin and Yandel experimented with new music as well as going back to more of the original essence of reggaeton. They both dropped their own albums, were nominated to many awards eventually winning several of them. All in all, they were both very successful in their solo careers, but the fans always wanted to see them back together and always wondered when it would happen.

Well, it finally did.

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Shortly after hitting the stage as a duo again, both Wisin and Yandel took to social media to announce their return. They reminded other artists in their genre that they had four years to reach their levels and accomplish what they had accomplished as a duo and they didn’t, now they had to watch out because they were back! It took social media by storm and no one could believe they were finally back together! Of course, we were left with a few unanswered questions. Did this mean they were back for good or just for a while? Were they back for a song or a whole album? Or were they maybe just back for a tour? The fans don’t really mind. We just want them back together and that day, we finally got a glimpse of how it would be.

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The main question that lingers now is if they return for an album, how will this affect the Urban genre? The genre has slightly changed music wise from the days Wisin & Yandel were a duo, so will they adapt to it or will they bring their own successful formula into the genre? Knowing them as well as I do, all I can say with certainty is that they are gonna kill it with their return; a return that I hope includes a tour!

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